Purdue Real-Time Weather Information

model data updated: Sat Jul 15 07:25:49 UTC 2017

PURDUE WRF MODEL 2017-07-15 00Z run 60h forecast

Daily, real-time runs of the Weather Research and Forecasting model are created at Purdue University's Earth and Atmospheric Sciences department. This page displays a daily run of 60-h duration. Click the loop links on the left for hourly output frequency loops.

The WRF (v3.6) configuration used:

Inital and boundary conditions are from the 32 km NAM model fields obtained from EMC/NCEP, using the WRF Preprocessing System (WPS).

Questions about the model run can be sent to Michael Baldwin.

DISCLAIMER: While run routinely, information displayed here is considered EXPERIMENTAL. The graphics represent output from an experimental model run, and the graphics generation and display should not be considered operational. Products here may not always be available or up to date. Neither the WRF model runs nor the graphics generation are subject to 24x7 monitoring. Purdue Map Discussion Page

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